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Intelligent Feeder System

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Improve product reliability

IFS-NX ensures the correct components are placed on the PCB by verifying the part number required to the reels used. Production cannot start if any component is incorrect. Match is also verified every time a component is replenished.


Prevents wrong components from being placed


Reference designator traceability (Traceability to parts serial is possible)

The component lot numbers can be recorded during production and linked to the serial number of thePCB they are placed on for a complete and accurate traceability record.

Traceability screen


Verify reels, feeders, trolleys, and machines


Improves efficiency by reducing setup time

The location of every feeder is automatically detected when the feeder is placed on the machine.


Offline setup and verificataion


Component inventory control. Feeder location search

Components can be stored in registered locations to improve stock control and the component count is always maintained by the IFS-NX even during production

The Intelli stocker(Optional)shares the location for stored feeders with the entire system making it easier to find reels when you need them.




IFS-NX Basic Software

Compatible models

Series name Compatible models
RS series RS-1R / RS-1
KE series KE-2050 / KE-2060 / KE-2050R / KE-2055R / KE-2060R / KE-2070 / KE-2080 / KE-2080R / KE-3010 / KE-3010A /KE-3020 / KE-3020R / KE-3020V / KE-3020VA / KE-3020VRA / KE-1070 / KE-1070C / KE-1080 / KE-2070C
FX series FX-3 / FX-3R / FX-3RA / FX-1R / FX-2
RX series RX-6 / RX-6B / RX-6R / RX-7 / RX-7R / RX-8
JM series JM-100 / JM-50 / JM-20 / JM-10