Multitask robot system MR-Series

Save labor through automation
Revolutionary robot system that’s capable of multiple processes

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1.Very flexible, able to respond to changes in the process and in production

2.Standard unit is very reliable

3.Efficient equipment configuration.


4.Different robot combinations are possible based on application requirements

By setting up different robots at the top and the bottom sections, multiple tasks can be achieved at the same time.

Upper section is
Lower section is
screw tigthtening


5.Archives high-accuracy insertion with vision recognition technology.

Using Juki’s original 3D image recognition system allows more accurate recognition of parts of any shape.
Can also recognize SMT leads, metals,plastics, etc.

Recognition image


6.Easy to program, shortens production start-up time

New programs can be easily generated by using the same programs from the placement machines. Customers, even new ones, can get to production quickly. The upper and lower robots are also compatible with robots from many different companies.


Operation screen


A robot system that can be customized with the combination of the base, the robot, and the tools.

Upper/Lower robot
Multi-axis Scalar XY orthogonal
Base section
Conveyer Base frame User interface Control/power supply 3D recognition
Tool section


Soldering Silicon coating Board cutter and separator Dust Extraction


Parts feeder Radial feeder Tray server