High-Speed Matrix tray server/Matrix Tray Server(Rear type)/Dual Tray Server/Matrix Tray Changer(In-line Type) TR Series Catalog download Contact

Matrix Tray Server(Rear type) TR8SR/TR8S


High-speed Matrix Tray Server(Rear type) TR7D



Matrix Tray Server(Rear type) TR5S / TR5D



Dual Tray Server(Rear type) TR1SNR / TR1EB / TR1RB


Matrix tray Changer(In-Line type) TR6S / TR6D



Standard Features and Option

Tray Base Orientation Check Conveyor Delay Timer
Defective Part Return Function Signal tower
Empty Tray Indicator Seesaw Nozzle
Waffle Pack Holder Automatic Conveyor Width Adjustment
Super Low Speed Mode Stacker with opening/closing cover
Inspection Conveyor Applicability to RFID function
Mechanical Gripper for FBGA  

* For applicable models, options and further details, contact us.