Analysis and improvement support software Trace Monitor (standard)

Catch and fix production abnormalities!

Achieve better results by visualizing production conditions

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Innovative software for achieving better results by visualizing production conditions

1.Catch and fix production abnormalities

Data collected during production at all times. Prevent from the problems getting seriously by early detection of line abnormalities


  • Problem detected, data collected
  • Problem detection is delayed with serious consequences


  • Data collected continuously
  • Early detection before the problem gets serious

2.Early analysis and countermeasures are possible

Easy data collection and analysis. Countermeasures can be taken immediately after a problem


  • Difficult to collect data
  • Collection of data after problems takes time to analyze and correct


  • Easy data retrieval
  • Analysis and countermeasures can be taken immediately after a problem

3.Reduced labor by automatic data collection

Automatic data collection and easy to data processing


  • Manual data collection takes time and effort
  • Data must be processed


  • Automatic data collection
  • Easy to understand graphs and lists

4.Improved reliability by collecting reliability data

Reliable data collected and saved automatically


  • Susceptible to human error
    ・Forgotten tasks
    ・Transfer error, etc.
  • Data is unreliable
  • Data gets lost


  • Data collected and saved automatically
  • Reliable data
  • Reliable collection

5.Visualization of line conditions

Timely visualization of production conditions. Easy information sharing


  • No visibility of line conditions
  • Information needs to be transmitted
  • Difficult to compare before and after


  • Timely visualization of production conditions
  • Easy information sharing
  • Easy verification of improvements


Easy to read visual display ~4 steps to identify top problems~

Error ranking screen → Identify top problems

See the most frequent causes of errors for each component in a given time period. The most critical problems and improvements required are identified to improve performance.



Individual ranking screen → Identify top items to improve

In addition to the items on the error ranking screen, the serial number, nozzle ID, Displays more detailed error details, such as serial number. By analyzing which combination has more errors, it is possible to better identify the root cause.



Event history screen → Focusing on changes

At a glance view of the changes that have occurred. Cycle time, boards completed, and errors are displayed in chronological order. By analyzing the event history and relationships, it is possible to identify when changes occurred.



Error History Display → Stoppage Details

Details of errors and machine stops are displayed chronologically. By analyzing this history, improvements can be made to minimize the unplanned stop time and increase machine availability.



Max. number of machines connected 15 units (same as JaNets)
Analysis function Tabulation, display, and search
PC used Refer to JaNets specifications
Server Unnecessary

Supported models

RS-1R / RS-1、RX-6 / RX-6R / RX-6B、RX-7 / RX-7R、JM-100