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A World Leader in SMT Solutions  

Best Value Line Extensions
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Best Value SMT Line Extensions

Juki’s line solutions portfolio offers a complete solution to handle every aspect of your assembly process. From screen printing and storage management to selective soldering and AOI/SPI systems, we have everything you need to achieve the best value and efficiency possible.

RV-2  PWB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI)

Inline type high-speed and high-precision board inspection machine that can be used in a wide variety of inspection

RS-600  Six Zone

ECO Friendly RS Series Lead Free Hot Air / N2 Reflow Oven 

RS-800   Eight Zone

ECO Friendly RS Series Lead Free Hot Air / N2 Reflow Oven

RS-1000    Ten Zone

ECO Friendly / Free Hot Air / N2 Reflow Oven

GS  Fully Automatic Vision Screen Printer

The GS printer from GKG offers a highly adaptable stencil framed clamping system, special PCB thickness adjustment table and high precision print alignment.

G-Star  Fully Automatic Vision Screen Printer

G-Star is adept at delivering all your business needs. It successfully attains 01005 miniature printing.

UltraFlex m   Intelligent Storage Syste

Increase your capacity by 100% and use 20% less footprint with the ultra flexible and easy to integrate UltraFlex 3600.

Fortress   Intelligent Management System

The newest and largest of the ISM family that guarantees to keep components safe while allowing for easy and intelligent management of component inventory.