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Flexible LED Mounter

The new JX-350 LED Mounter offers a flexible placement system specially designed for LED lighting products and mid- to large LCD display backlights.

It can support ultra-long boards up to 1,500mm and JUKI laser centering for high speed, high accuracy placement offers the best in the industry.

  •  Ultra-Long Board Support
  •  High Speed
  •  High Accuracy


Chip 32,000CPH chip (Laser centering / Optimum)
21,000CPH chip (Laser centering / IPC9850)
  • From 0603 to □33.5mmsquare components
  • JUKI laser centering for high speed, high accuracy placement
  • Improved placement quality
  • Alternate pick by screw-type nozzles* achieves high-speed placement for large component up to 25 mm diameter.
  • High-precision placement of diffusion lenses
  • Capable of up to 1,500 mm long board production, top class board size in industry.*
  • Various supply methods *


Board size 1time clamping 650mm×360mm
2time clamping 1,200mm×360mm
3time clamping* 1,500mm×360mm
Component height 6mm / 12mm
Component size 0603(0201) ~ □33.5mm
Placement speed (chip) Optimum 32,000CPH
IPC9850 21,000CPH
Placement accuracy ±0.05mm(Cpk≧1)
Feeder inputs Front-side fixed mechanical
feeder bank(Standard)
Max.40 in case of 8mm tape
Front+rear-side fixed mechanical
feeder bank *1
Front+rear-side fixed electrical
feeder bank *1
Max.160 *2

*1 This function is supported with an option.
*2 When using 8mm tape(on a Electric double tape feeder)

Support Ultra-Long Boards up-to 1,500mm

High-speed clamping system reduces transport time for long and super-long boards.

Laser Centering for High Speed, High Accuracy

Head moves directly from the pick position to the placement position.

Wide Variety of Special Nozzles for LEDs

Nozzles specifically designed for LEDs.

Unique Features for Flexibility

Accurate Placement even without fiducial marks.

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Standard Specification:
50 X 50 ~ 1,200 X 360mm
Component Height:
Max.40 in case of 8mm tape

Placement Speed (chip):
• Optimum: 23,300CPH
• IPC9850: 18,300 CPH

Longer Sized PWB:
50 X 50 ~ 1,500 X 360mm
Component Size:
Laser Recognition: 0603(0201) ~ 33.5mm
Placement Accuracy:

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