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Fast Smart Modular Mounter

Superior Productivity. Versatility

With the best throughput in an advanced, all-in-one



•  Class leading speed, up to 47,000 cph

•  Newly developed “Takumi Head” with changing recognition sensor height

•  Optimum line balance and highest throughput

•  Wide component range from 0201 (metric) to large connectors and ICs

•  Optimal for LED placement


Fast Smart Modular Mounter
Model RS-1R
Conveyor specification standard 150mm conveyor extensions,
upstream and downstream
250mm conveyor extensions,
upstream and downstream
Board size minimum 50×50㎜
maximum 1 buffer 650×370 ㎜ (Single clamping)
950×370 ㎜ (double clamping) 1,100×370 ㎜ (double clamping) 1,200×370 ㎜ (double clamping)
3 buffers 360×370㎜ 500×370㎜ 600×370㎜
Component height 25㎜
Component size 0201*1 ~□74 ㎜ /150×50 ㎜
Placement speed Optimum 47,000CPH
IPC9850 31,000CPH
Placement accuracy ±35μm(Cpk≧1)
Feeder inputs max.112*2