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3D PWB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI)

1,200 The use of a high-pixel camera with all pixels has expanded the camera field of view by 192% compared to the previous model.This resulted in the fastest inspection speed in the world in the class, 61.8cm²/sec.By speeding up inspection speeds, we can further accelerate production lines.In addition, by enlarging the angle of the image, the inspection was realized with a minimum number of blocks.



•  Overwhelming speed

•  Ease of use of rating

•  Visual inspection automation

•  Remarkable accuracy

•  For improving the efficiency of the entire plant


  3D board visual inspection machine RV-2-3DH (AOI)
Board size 50㎜×50㎜-410㎜×300㎜
50 mm × 50 mm-630 mm × 300 mm (action to long board) *1
Test resolution 12 μm (standard resolution)/5 μm (high resolution)*1
Image angle 48.0×36.0mm、20.0×15.0mm*1
Inspection items Shorting, shear, polarity, side-reverse, unsoldered solder, bridge, solder quantity, insertion part omission, character recognition*1
(Optimum condition)
2D 0.2 sec/1 screen
3D 61.8㎝2/sec
Power supply AC 3-phase 200-230 V *2
Apparent power 2.0kVA or less
Air pressure 0.5MPa
Air consumption (standard condition) 10L/min
External Dimensions (W×D×H) 940㎜×1,276㎜×1,530㎜
Weight approximately 1,000kg
*1 This can be done with the optional.
*2 The optional external transformer can accommodate 240 V AC three-phase and 380 V-430 V


Hardware options   Software options  
Lens Resolution 5μm Communication license
NG marking Unit •*2 Code reader silence
Dispenser Unit OCR silence
Emergency Pass Unit TOPSS System license
UV light Server software
Long board •*3 Remote judge (CCC) license
Board back up unit Repair System license
Calibration plate SPC license
Vibration control pad KIT QT (Quarty trace) license
IF cable Offline system software
OK,NG Cable Offline basic module
Transformer Off-line code reader license
SSD 2TB OCR license for off line system
Memory 128 GB Data shere system license
*1 △:Customized order
*2 330mm×250mm.In addition, the watch can operate only when the long model data is selected.
*3  Maximum size :630 mm×300 mm