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JUKI screen-printers represent worldwide proven machines of the highest quality with a sturdy long-life machine design. The screen-printers are available for different PCB sizes and are applicable with JUKI placement machines as well as JUKI reflow soldering ovens creating individual SMT line solutions.

JUKI Screen-Printers

Worldwide Proven Printers of the Highest Quality

Extremely sturdy machine designs with casted frames and two independently selectable SQGs. No periodical machine calibration required. CeTaQ proven printing quality. Already over 250 printers have been sold by JUKI, since market introduction in 2012 resulting in very satisfied customers worldwide.

Fully Equipped, Easy to Service Solder Paste Printer

2D solder paste inspection, automatic cleaning unit as well as freely adjustable top and side clamping of the PCB. Easily operated software and easy access to all important parts inside the printer.

Highest Flexibility

Due to the great variety of printable PCB sizes on behalf of the JUKI printers, they can combined with JUKI Pick and Place machines as well as JUKI Reflow Soldering Ovens in order to create new individual SMT line solutions.

Best Price/Performance Ratio

Durable machines, equipped with all the necessary functions.


Solder Paste Printer

High Speed and High Precision printer equipped with "Motion Screen."

"Motion Screen" fixes printing position by moving the screen. The printer realizes high-accuracy positioning and high-speed printing within 6 seconds + printing time. "High-Speed Cleaning" and "Automatic Solder Dispenser" are available as an option.

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Screen-Printing Solution

Single Stage Conveyor with U-Shape Belt

Arch Shape Squeegee Beam,

SPM(Stencil Position Memory) System

Automatic Stencil Wiper System

Adjustable Stencil X Frame Mechanism

Vision and Optics System

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Screen-Printing Solution

JUKI’s new G-TITAN is equipped with premium quality functions empowering the JUKI Screen-Printing Solution on its path to Industry 4.0 and “Lights-Out-Manufacturing”. Ease of use is provided due to a brand new GUI – Graphical User Interface – which is operated via touch screen. G-TITAN supports circuit boards of sizes up to 510 × 510 mm and therefore addresses its demands towards the mid-size segment. Innovative novelties such as the Opti Paste Control – OPC – as well as the Quality Print Control – QPC – represent useful individual functions to achieve optimised paste consumption, higher level of automisation and avoidance of printing errors during the screen-printing process.

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Screen-Printing Solution

Handling M Size board, G-Star is adept at delivering all your business needs. It successfully attains 01005 miniature printing. Through full contact with the stencil, the improved cleaning system ensures that any remaining paste in the mesh will be eliminated before printing. The 2D paste inspection function is able to detect insufficient paste, bridging and other defects. G-Star is also equipped with top and motorized side clamp, thereby ensuring superior printing quality.

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Screen-Printing Solution

JUKI’s mid-size screen printer P-PRIMO aims at medium-format printed ciruit boards with sizes of up to 850 × 610 mm. The machine is delivered with a well-structured, easy to use software, which allows the construction of a production programme in less than 8 minutes. Further functions that are included with delivery: automatic stencil cleaning, 2D solder paste inspection, top and side clamping and many more!

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The perfect match for Dual Lane SMT line

Equipped with a built-in traverser, G-Duplex is capable of matching with any dual lane SMT mounter. Furnished with a 3-stage conveyor and back-to-back configuration, it enhances performance capability and efficiency. Nonetheless, it is also possible to operate independently to link up with any single lane SMT line. Its high flexibility enables it to manage changes in production more effectively.

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