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Message from Top Management

Chairman of the board,
Representative Director, and CEO
Akira Kiyohara
Representative Director, and COO
Shinsuke Uchinashi

First of all
We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to those who have lost friends or loved ones to the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We also sincerely hope for the earliest possible recovery of those affected and would like to once again express our respect for the daily efforts of the medical professionals who are treating them.

On the Start of our New Management Structure
Amidst the severe business environment caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we at JUKI have been striving to recover our business performance by thoroughly reforming our cost structure and expanding our business domains since last year. We have also been building a new business structure to respond to the social demands of living with COVID-19.
In anticipation of the social changes and economic recovery in the Post-COVID-19 World, JUKI has reviewed its Medium-term Management Plan (2020-2022) and decided to strengthen its management structure by appointing chairperson and CEO (Chief Executive Officer), and president and COO (Chief Operating Officer). This new management structure will facilitate the rapid implementation of our new growth strategy, starting in this fiscal year (the second year of the Medium-term Management Plan). The Chairperson and CEO chairs the Board of Directors and strengthens the supervisory function over business execution. He is also in charge of medium- to long-term management issues and directions on our strategies for management, human resources, the SDGs, and so on, in responding to the era of With/After COVID-19.
The President and COO chairs important internal meetings and is responsible for business execution. As the head of the management team, he also speedily implements the PDCA cycle to strengthen JUKI’s business execution capabilities.

Becoming a company that customers select as a solution partner
Since its establishment in 1938, JUKI has maintained its focus on building a business based on “manufacturing (Monodzukuri)” and striving to create new value by creating and evaluating technology. The forces driving the creation of new value at JUKI are embodied by our corporate slogan, “Mind & Technology,” and our philosophy, “Customer Creed.”
Today, JUKI is powerfully advancing growth strategies and business reforms based on our long-term vision “to be a global and innovative ‘manufacturing and value-creation‘ company that survives the 21st century.”
With today’s drastic changes in the business environment surrounding the manufacturing industry, our customers are about to drastically change the ways to operate their factories in order to respond to technical innovations such as AI, IoT, and 5G and the new-normal environment.
Based on an accurate perception of these social trends, JUKI is speeding up activity to propose total solutions that integrate “equipment” and “systems” in order to realize smart factories at our customers’ manufacturing sites.
Then, as a company that can deliver “good impressions” and “peace of mind” to customers and carrying on its tradition of taking on innovative challenges without hesitation, JUKI remains a “company that customers select as a solution partner” in countries and regions around the world. JUKI also aims to be a company trusted and needed by society by practicing SDG management.

January 2021
Chair of the board, Representative Director, and CEO Akira Kiyohara
President, Representative Director, and COO Shinsuke Uchinashi

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